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Character design: Maqilo

Character Design - Maqilo

Well, still computer troubles which will hopefully be resolved this week. So for now a character design I’ve had lying around for a couple of months. Scanned pencil drawing, inked and coloured with Photoshop.

Crazy Christmas

Crazy Christmas

Designs for the Exact Christmas party of last year: on the left the layout for the news messages on the employee portal, on the right the poster design. Created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Scanner trouble

Like the title already says: trouble in computer land. Both my scanner and Wacom stopped working. But thats seems to have more to do with my PC itself (motherboard?) than with either scanner or tablet.

To keep to my at-least-one-update-per-week schedule, I’ve added an older drawing. This is still the original cleaned up pencil scan, no digital inking.


This started out as a simple sketch I didn’t even plan to ink or colour. But after having it scanned, I started inking it as a bit of practice. That went so smoothly I continued right away with the colouring. And here it is!

Again coloured and inked with Photoshop.