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Update February 19 – 2010
I had originally intended this to be a sort of avatar to use on messageboards, etc. But As soon as it was done I already realised that it’s too complex to shrink to a small size and still keep it “readable”. So right now I use a very simple icon style avatar.


I wanted to get a bit of perspective practice with this drawing. Still inking as you can see.

Update February 19 – 2010
A good example or rushing a drawing. That hand holding a glass (I think) is not very good. And not very logical in the whole scene. But I didn’t take the time to come up with a better posture. Since I really only work digital nowadays, it’s a lot easier to try out different things or make adjustments later on.

More faces

My computer troubles are over, so finally back with a new post. Let’s get going again with a few character sketches.