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It’s been a while, but finally an update on this drawing.

New character design


Time for a new character design. As always: photoshop

Trash canned

Sphereworks promotion 3

I’m calling this one finished… although I should have another look at those shadows (completely cheated with the shadow on the trashcan and it shows). The right hand and foot (her right) look odd, should fix that as well. That foot should be a lot wider at the toes. And the Sphere Works logo might work better if I made it look like it was painted on the pavement…. maybe someday… very far in the future… maybe. For now it’s definitely finished.

Apologies for the big download: the image is about 1.5 MB (the PSD is 106 MB).


That whole blogging thing seems to be quite popular nowadays… I actually thought that everybody hip and cool was already on board that bandwagon and I was just incredibly late. However I’ve been finding a bunch of great artists blogs that all seem to have started in the last year or so. And therefore a list of my findings:

And some “oldies”:

Trash can!

Sphereworks promotion 3

A bit more work done on this one. I’ve changed the face quite a bit compared to the previous version. I still have to do some colour correcting: it seems very yellow to me.



Photo by the incredible mister Frank G. Still a lot of work to do, but so far, so good I think.

Updated 20 February 2010
The original idea of using a photo and combining it with a drawing was pitched by Frank. From a set of photos he gave me I picked this one as I already had a drawing that would fit in nicely. I’ve got some other ideas for some of the other photos, but never got around to wotk on that again.

Comic 001 – final

Comic 001

Still not convinced it’s much of an improvement, but decided to finish it anyway. The colouring is ok-ish.

Updated 20 February 2010
Looking back on it: the colouring is fine, the drawing just isn’t. At least it’s not really that much better than the original. I could have done more with the background for one thing.