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Minions of Cain – The second tour

Minions of Cain

The Minions of cain are back for their second tour, now in full black and white!

I’m running out of titles

The group 6

… and I’m running out of thing to say as well! The final version of the group of characters I’ve posted a couple of times already.

The Minions of Cain

Minions of Cain

“The Minions of Cain are a progressive metal band best known for their duo guitar shredding skills”… or something. I came up with that name while playing Diablo II a couple years back. I played that way too much, my wrist still hurts from all the clicking. I’m looking forward to and at the same time dreading the day that Diablo III is released.

As for the drawing: I like where it’s going so far, I’m pretty happy with the poses.

Update October 26 – 2008
I forgot to mention that “Cain” is the main NPC in Diablo: the guy who gives you all the hints and backstory as you play the game. Minions are also a common thing in Diablo: every boss in the game has several smaller versions of hinself running around, his minions. Hence the name “Minions of cain”. I forgot that perhaps not everybody is that familiar with the Diablo.

Also, I’ve made the guitars bigger (as Frank suggests in the comments), I thinks it indeed looks better.

Minions of Cain

Character design: Tam-Ro


This was a hard one. It took a lot of effort to get this one finished and right now I couldn’t tell you if I like it or not. I’m just happy it’s done. Up to the next one!



I had to do something with a annoyance of mine: people not responding to mail when you ask them a very simple and clear question. Based on the famous “Internet Dickwad Theory” by Jonathan Gabriel, renowned Internetologist and the icons I created a while back. All done in Illustrator