Lessons learned

With one page done and well underway with the second, this has already been a nice learning experience. Some points:

  • Pay more attention to the trees. With the colouring they turned out ok, but the detailing of the leaves could be a lot better.
  • Also, this story is supposed to take place high in the mountains, I probably should have gone with firs or pine like trees.
  • I should have a better look at the shape of the rocks. Take (water)erosion into account when creating the shapes.
  • I need to pay more attention to the thumbnailing of the page to prevent shifting the frames around later on.
  • The layout of the area in which the scene takes place is something I completely forgot. Which direction is Sila (the main character) walking, where does she trip and which rocks are in the river… The various rocks you see right now in the backgrounds are not consistent.

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