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Character design: Serille

Character design Serille

A character design for Panacea and a follow up on this post.

Space Pirates – Part 4

Movieposter: Space Pirates

Finished! At least the characters are. I’m quite happy with the colouring on this one. Colouring went pretty smoothly, from beginning to end done in some 6 to 8 hours. At some point I’ll finish it with the background and all the movie poster details.

Faces 17

Faces 17

Yay! back again, with some doodles. Nothing fancy, but at least it’s something!

A quick update

After that 100th post it all became very quiet. It’s been very busy at work so I decided to take a bit of a sabatical during november. Two weeks of vacation during the beginning of december. If all goes well I can use that time to still get my quota of posts this year.