A great find – page 4 (3)

Panacea - A great find page 4

Woohoo, inking of the four pages is done. Now all I have to do is colour the final 2 pages and I’ve got this thing done… I did the largest part of the inking in one day, which almost killed me. But, I do seem to get faster in doing the inks. Let’s see if I can speed up the colouring as well. That way I might even get some pages of the actual comic done some day!

There is actually some text that should go on this page. But that’s so totally lame that I’ve left it off, at least for now. This whole story was a drawing pratice exercise so I never really spend that much time on the “story”. Maybe I will add the text balloons to see how that effects the overall look of the page.

2 Responses to “A great find – page 4 (3)”

  1. Jan Niestadt says:

    Woot! Looking sharp. Nice details on the clothes and gear!

  2. Gijs says:

    Thanks! The devil is in the details!

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