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I really needed to do something different from the “A great Find” story. I’ve finished page 3, and also placed the flat colours version of page 4 in the portfolio section. So really all I would have to do, is finish up the colours of the final page. But I don’t have any fun in it anymore. This has been dragging on for quite a bit with the pages not really getting any better. I will let this rest for a long time or maybe completely leave it for what it is. I’ve learned a number of important lessons from it so perhaps better to put those into practice with a new project. And actually to get those lessons was the whole point of this story:

  • Do more thumbnails prior to start work on the pages to get the best layout of frames and actions
  • Plan out the scene by creating a map of all objects and characters and how they move through this map: this will keep the lightsource and backgrounds more consistent
  • Do more colour tests before hand. The pages are now big blobs of brownish grey, not very appealing
  • Don’t let a project like this drag on for so long. You loose focus and the end result will be not as good as it could be
  • Practice more action scenes

Anyway, the something different I mentioned: quick drawing I did. Turned out pretty nice so far I think.

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  1. howdy i posted a question a little while back pertaining to how to speed up my twilight eclipse site’s loading time considering we used the very same theme at that time and somebody placed a comment responding to it on my blog a week ago – if that was you I just wanted to say many thanks, and if it wasn’t you then i am sorry to bother you, but cheers nonetheless! :)

  2. Wilton Cane says:

    omg o . k . so this is how brainless I am, halfway through looking through your post I dropped my computer mouse and closed the window by mistake and I could not find your site once again right up until 2 days later to finish reading through from the point i stopped at due to the fact I did not remember how I linked to your blog to begin with ahaha anyhow it was worth the hold out..thank you :)

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