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Slow month

Igtor and Garum

This was really not the month for drawing. Way too busy with other stuff. But at least an update on the previous post to finish the month of. Good thing that these guys are minor characters because thos weapons and all the other details are a total bitch to draw!

Igtor & Garum

Igtor and Garum

Totally no time to do anything other than work. Well, that’s not completely true of course, but it seems like my spare time right now is spend on doing stuff like cooking and cleaning, some senseless TV watching and sleeping. But anyway, I managed to get something done, as can be seen above. Far from finished, but at least it’s something. Finally getting close to finishing the last two important Panacea characters. I will start working on some actual pages soon! Oh yes!

Arrrrr, shiver me timbers!

Space pirates

In my quest to update my portfolio section another image I have updated/finished. This started out as “Space Pirates”, but really, the whole space angle was from the beginning a bit lost. I’ve finished it in a more traditional Pirate theme.

The palmtree in the background is from one of the first posts on this blog. I initially just placed it in to see how it would look. But it fit so well I just kept it as is.