This is actually an oldy. I think I created this probably a couple of years ago. At least, the basic drawing, which was still good old pencil on paper. This character could of course already be seen in the “A great find” short story. Now that I’m wrapping up the character designs this is the first one to get a final check and some recouloring.

Some info then: this is Sila, healer of a small mountain village. Twentytwo years old, 168 centimeters tall. Daughter of the village leader

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  4. […] Fifth post in the Panacea characters update. This time not only the character drawing but also the name: simplified from Maquiloh to Maqilo. This is the leader of the small village I mentioned before. He is 48 years old, 190 centimeters tall and father of Sila. […]

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