Small updates


Third post in the Panacea Character updates. Small edits, long post. Above is Avesa, whom I’ve posted before. I tweaked the colours: mainly her clothes and straightend some of the lines. Avesa is the second in command of the small mountain village mentioned two posts below. She is 174 centimeters tall and 43 years old. In an incident she lost her right leg.

Next up is Vorrak. The leader of the bad guys, The Meavanin. He’s a 50 year old, 186 centimeters tall warrior. I realy didn’t change anything here. Well, I added the shadow, but that’s it. This guy is done!


Someone who isn’t part of the first part of the story: Serille. She was also completely done, save for the weapons which I never got around to colour. So, did that, plus I added the shadow. Serille is the shortest character at 161 centimers, but what she lacks in height she makes up in fighting spirit. Serille is 30 years old and part of a resistance movement.


Finally, Ive updated the portfolio section of the site. On to the next characters!

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