And here is the fourth update. This time with one of the main characters: Imden. I completely redid this character, based on a drawing I posted here before. But as I never posted the original, comparing the two might be a bit difficult. Imden is 182 centimeters tall, 23 years old and the main good guy.

Colouring on this one was pretty fast. I’m really getting better at this… well at least faster, I’ve done better colouring jobs.

2 Responses to “Imden”

  1. Jan Niestadt says:

    He looks great! Got an early-to-mid-20th century piloty vibe going on, which I love!
    What don’t you like about the colouring? Looks fine to me.

  2. Gijs says:

    Oh, it’s not so much a “don’t like” as a “isn’t spectaculair” feeling. I’m quite happy with it, but I’ve done drawings where the end result is more satisfying I guess.
    Anyway, That was the vibe I was going for, so great! :-)

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