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Something with spies in the title

Movieposter - Spies

After trying a number of backgrounds I have, for now, given up on that. I’m not getting it right. So for now I’ll keep this as is. I think the blue turned out pretty good.

The colouring went very smoothly and fast. Smeared out over a (too) long period though. A bit too busy with work lately. I feel like I’m making more progress in colouring than in drawing lately. Somehow it’s easier to get back into colouring than into drawing when I don’t have that much time.

Spies got the blues

Movieposter - Spies

Something a bit different, in stead of my usual bright colours as a starting point I’m using mainly blues on this one. Must be a night shoot. Liking it so far, but I have no idea how it will turn out when it is completely done (obviously). That’s part of the plan though: getting some practice in this before starting on the big Panacea story.


Movieposter - Spies

While working on page layouts, I’m also working on another movie poster type of thing.I was going for the James bond kind of angle. Somehow I forgot to incorporate a gun into the image. Maybe my Bond doens’t use guns? And as always I haven’t put any thoughts into what I should do for a background. It needs some work still…