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Something else in colour

Normal - Emma

A bit of a weird crop for the thumbnail perhaps, but I thought the details in this part of the drawing looked best. All in all, I think this one turned out pretty well although I’m not quite sure if it fits the character I had in mind. For now I’ll leave it alone and get back to Panacea.

Something else again

Normal - Emma

Colours! As soon as I’m done with this one, I’ll return to the Sphereworks pages. Not that much to say on this otherwise.

Something else

Normal - Emma

This is something I won’t really work on all that much, but for years and years I’ve been thinking about writing a story. And although I spend (or try to spend) most of my drawing time on Panacea I thought it nice to draw something from that other story. Not really spectacular I admit, but it does make the whole story idea a bit more tangible to me.