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Panacea page 1

Panacea - Page 1

A sneak preview of the first page of Panacea to show that I am really working on it. I have the first two pages in draft and the first scene lined out in frames and thumbnails.


Panacea - Spaceship

A bit more 3D work. While working on the first pages of Panacea I remembered that I had neglected to design this ship so far. Quite critical as I need this ship in the first scene. I already had a good idea of what I wanted to do with this ship so in a couple of hours I managed to create this. I need some extra details for close up shots, but mostly I’m pretty pleased with it.

Now I will have to see how well I can match my drawings with these models. The next post will contain this ship on the first page of Panacea. And hopefully pretty soon after that the other 4 pages making up the first scene.