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It’s spring time

Spring time

Is he going for three out of three? Absolutely!

The weather has been ridiculous the last weeks. It’s like it’s summer already when we are only in april. Anyway, that was the inspiration to do this drawing.

Sila and Imden

Panacea - Sila and Imden

Two posts in one day? Yes! With the start of the Panacea comic we also need a website of course, so right now the GWTP website is getting an overhaul. For the Panacea “section” I need to create some visuals. This drawing is gonna play a part in that.

A quick one this. Inking went smoothly, colouring a bit less. Needed to do some reconstructive surgery there, but the end result is good I think.

Panacea page 1 (for real)

Panacea - Story 1 page 1

Finally a new post after a long silence on this blog and I wish I could say that I had a lot to show for it. But unfortunately not. I’ve got some work done on the first page as can be seen above though. I’ve been very busy at work leaving little time for personal projects. After that I spend some time doing, wll, basically nothing.

I spend the last few days to get back in to a bit of a “drawing flow” but wasn’t totally succesful. But at least I hope to get back to regular updates again from now on and get this show back on the road!

As for the page: meh. Not too bad, but I’m also not very excited about it. I might have to go “Manga” on it and add a lot of action lines to the main panel. Also, the third panel looks weird and I might not have left enough room for the last two panels.