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Something different

Sphereworks promotion 4

I really needed to do something different from the “A great Find” story. I’ve finished page 3, and also placed the flat colours version of page 4 in the portfolio section. So really all I would have to do, is finish up the colours of the final page. But I don’t have any fun in it anymore. This has been dragging on for quite a bit with the pages not really getting any better. I will let this rest for a long time or maybe completely leave it for what it is. I’ve learned a number of important lessons from it so perhaps better to put those into practice with a new project. And actually to get those lessons was the whole point of this story:

  • Do more thumbnails prior to start work on the pages to get the best layout of frames and actions
  • Plan out the scene by creating a map of all objects and characters and how they move through this map: this will keep the lightsource and backgrounds more consistent
  • Do more colour tests before hand. The pages are now big blobs of brownish grey, not very appealing
  • Don’t let a project like this drag on for so long. You loose focus and the end result will be not as good as it could be
  • Practice more action scenes

Anyway, the something different I mentioned: quick drawing I did. Turned out pretty nice so far I think.



What started as a small project to get my blog integrated with my portfolio, took something like two months. But with one giant push this sunday to get all content transfered, it’s done. Or at least: for now. I tend to keep on tinkering with the stuff I create when I don’t have a deadline, so I’m sure that will happen here as well.

I haven’t tested it thoroughly, so there might be some stuff going wrong. If so, let me know. Or any other feedback for that matter.

Sphereworks final


The final product of the spherworks header thingy. Yay!

The rest of the blog is coming along, but slowly. A minute here, a minute there to work on it. Let’s see if I can “finish” it soon though. Tweaking afterwards is always part of the process.



Well, not getting of to a brilliant start this year. I had hoped to finish the new blog design a bit faster and publish everything new there. This drawing is going to be part of the design and that’s not going very fast: I’m working on various other things at the same time right now.

The new blog should be done soon though and can already be found at

Trash canned

Sphereworks promotion 3

I’m calling this one finished… although I should have another look at those shadows (completely cheated with the shadow on the trashcan and it shows). The right hand and foot (her right) look odd, should fix that as well. That foot should be a lot wider at the toes. And the Sphere Works logo might work better if I made it look like it was painted on the pavement…. maybe someday… very far in the future… maybe. For now it’s definitely finished.

Apologies for the big download: the image is about 1.5 MB (the PSD is 106 MB).

Trash can!

Sphereworks promotion 3

A bit more work done on this one. I’ve changed the face quite a bit compared to the previous version. I still have to do some colour correcting: it seems very yellow to me.



Photo by the incredible mister Frank G. Still a lot of work to do, but so far, so good I think.

Updated 20 February 2010
The original idea of using a photo and combining it with a drawing was pitched by Frank. From a set of photos he gave me I picked this one as I already had a drawing that would fit in nicely. I’ve got some other ideas for some of the other photos, but never got around to wotk on that again.