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New blog

The last post of the year and most likely on this blog in total. For a while now I’ve wanted to update my portfolio and at the same time integrate this blog with that portfolio site. So over the last few weeks I have been working on just that, a few minutes at a time.

As CMS I’m going to use wordpress and right now I’m tweaking the template. I’m not sure if I will keep this blog or if I’ll copy all this content to the new blog/portfolio. For now the new blog is still very empty but at least there is something there:

Hapy new year!

A quick update

After that 100th post it all became very quiet. It’s been very busy at work so I decided to take a bit of a sabatical during november. Two weeks of vacation during the beginning of december. If all goes well I can use that time to still get my quota of posts this year.


That whole blogging thing seems to be quite popular nowadays… I actually thought that everybody hip and cool was already on board that bandwagon and I was just incredibly late. However I’ve been finding a bunch of great artists blogs that all seem to have started in the last year or so. And therefore a list of my findings:

And some “oldies”:

The obligatory introduction post

So… The Testing Grounds… My goal with this blog is to at least post a new drawing or image every week. These might be simple scribbles or fully Photoshop coloured pieces, ideas for t-shirts, posters, websites: whatever I can think of.