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Logo - Roosenwolf

Sorta work: this is a logo I created for a new company of a friend.



Some work related stuff for a change. These are two blogs I’ve been working on (designing). The first one ( has been running for close to a year now. After a lot of tweaking from the getgo this layout has been active for a couple months.

The second one has just been launched and is an internal communication blog.

Both are created in wordpress with the second one based on the P2 theme. Many thanks for the technical side of things to my esteemed colleague.

Experience your career…

As I haven’t got anything new to show this week I thought I’d post some older stuff. At the beginning of this year I created a backdrop for a stand on a recruitment event. I also created the flyers and adverts to go with this event. Below are the flyer and the backdrop:

Experience your career

Experience your career

The lifesize backdrop was something like 6 by 3 meters (900 MB .eps file at a quarter of the original size).


Desktop background

I created a new background for my desktop at work to represent my friendly, helpful and general optimistic character a bit better. Colourful, isn’t it?

t-shirt design

T-Shirt Design

A simple “going away gift” t-shirt design I did for a colleague who left for a new job in London. Done with Illustrator and Photoshop.


A number of icons for various uses on websites and news messages. All done in Illustrator.

Update February 16 – 2010
Over the last years I’ve updated this list with more and more icons. Also in some other colours. The latest versions can still be found on the homepage of the Exact Online website

Crazy Christmas

Crazy Christmas

Designs for the Exact Christmas party of last year: on the left the layout for the news messages on the employee portal, on the right the poster design. Created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.