Below are a number of drawings I have created over the last years. Most of it was created using Adobe Photoshop (unless indicated otherwise).


A Great Find

A Great Find -  page 1A Great Find -  page 2A Great Find -  page 3A Great Find -  page 4

I created A great find as a test story in the Panacea universe. After doing a lot of single drawings and character designs I really needed to get the feel of creating actual comic pages back. The story itself wasn’t that important (I’m not much of a writer anyway), it was meant to get the feeling back and also to learn some lessons.

One thing I learned with this, is to plan the pages better ahead. Make thumbnails to work on the layout of the page. Also, spend more time on how the layout of the scene is: where are the characters, how do they move through the scenes, where are the light sources. And of course to be consistent throughout the scene (story). Don’t forget to draw some prop or something in the environment from one image to the next. Pretty obvious, but good to get it clear for yourself.

Completely done in Photoshop, with the last page not completely finished: still need to do the shading on that page sometime.



Characters - Igtor & GarumCharacters -  A change of seasonsCharacters -  Sphereworks promotionCharacters - Minions of Cain

A number of characters. From the top left (left to right): Igotr & Garum, two characters from Panacea. The four seasons, this started froma a single image (winter) and turned in to a series of all four seasons. An image I did based on a photo taken by a friend (Mr FrogmanXL). And the Minions of Cain: greatest progressive metal band ever!



Comic 1: Geek World the Project 252Comic 2: Geek World the Project 253Comic 5: Geek World the Project 281Comic 7: Geek World the Project 291Comic 8: Geek World the Project 293Comic 9: Geek World the Project 294

These are a number of comics from “Geek World The Project”. Together with Jan Niestadt, I worked on this online comic for about five years. First as Get With the Program, later as Geek world the Project.

The first two are completely drawn on paper, scanned and edited in Photoshop. The last 4 are also done on paper but coloured in Photoshop.

The style difference came about when we wanted to get some more updates per week. Resulting in the simpler comics. In the end our regular dayjobs got in the way and we published the last comic on the 28th of October 2005.