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Normal Vs Together Alone

Normal - Emma

This post was created in 2012 after a bit of a hiatus. This picture was created in Januari 2012

Part of my “normal” project. In the end this character ended up in the Together Alone game as one of the main characters. And this started out in this post of course.

Faces 26 – Black & white

Faces 26

It’s in colour, but I’m calling it Black & White. I quickly slapped some colour on there.

Faces 26

Faces 26

Right. Very inactive the last few months. At least here is something new. The Panacea pages are still in progress but I don’t want to post them before I really have something “finished”.

Faces 25

Faces 25

A quicky. I’ve been doing way too little drawing lately and this was a nice drawing to get things going again.

Sila’s day off

Panacea - Sila's day off

What I’ve always hated about most comics is that everybody always dresses and looks the same. I know, it helps in recognizing the characters by giving a consistent look/silhouette. But still. And therefore: here’s what Sila would look like on a day off.

It’s spring time

Spring time

Is he going for three out of three? Absolutely!

The weather has been ridiculous the last weeks. It’s like it’s summer already when we are only in april. Anyway, that was the inspiration to do this drawing.

Sila and Imden

Panacea - Sila and Imden

Two posts in one day? Yes! With the start of the Panacea comic we also need a website of course, so right now the GWTP website is getting an overhaul. For the Panacea “section” I need to create some visuals. This drawing is gonna play a part in that.

A quick one this. Inking went smoothly, colouring a bit less. Needed to do some reconstructive surgery there, but the end result is good I think.