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Logo - Roosenwolf

Sorta work: this is a logo I created for a new company of a friend.

Panacea logo

Panacea Logo

As mentioned in the previous post: the logo for the Panacea project. I’m still tweaking the colours. A bit more information on that name (from Wikipedia):

In Greek mythology, Panacea (Greek Πανάκεια, Panakeia ) was the goddess of healing.Panacea was said to have a poultice or potion with which she healed the sick. This brought about the concept of the panacea in medicine. ‘Panacea’ is also the term for heal-all herbs.

As you can perhaps gather from the drawings so far, this is going to be a fantasy type story. As far as the general setting goes that is. There will be no magic or dragons or stuff like that however. Right now I’m done with creating the main characters and we’ve written the first part of the story. Still a lot of work to be done, but hopefully we can get a first page actual page done somewhere this year.

Update February 21 – 2010
No actual pages that year, although I did do 2 pages for the four page test story “A great find”. Writing a story is harder than we thought! Certainly when you both have a full time job.


Merry Christmas

Experience your career…

As I haven’t got anything new to show this week I thought I’d post some older stuff. At the beginning of this year I created a backdrop for a stand on a recruitment event. I also created the flyers and adverts to go with this event. Below are the flyer and the backdrop:

Experience your career

Experience your career

The lifesize backdrop was something like 6 by 3 meters (900 MB .eps file at a quarter of the original size).



I had to do something with a annoyance of mine: people not responding to mail when you ask them a very simple and clear question. Based on the famous “Internet Dickwad Theory” by Jonathan Gabriel, renowned Internetologist and the icons I created a while back. All done in Illustrator


Desktop background

I created a new background for my desktop at work to represent my friendly, helpful and general optimistic character a bit better. Colourful, isn’t it?

t-shirt design

T-Shirt Design

A simple “going away gift” t-shirt design I did for a colleague who left for a new job in London. Done with Illustrator and Photoshop.