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Something else in colour

Normal - Emma

A bit of a weird crop for the thumbnail perhaps, but I thought the details in this part of the drawing looked best. All in all, I think this one turned out pretty well although I’m not quite sure if it fits the character I had in mind. For now I’ll leave it alone and get back to Panacea.

Something else again

Normal - Emma

Colours! As soon as I’m done with this one, I’ll return to the Sphereworks pages. Not that much to say on this otherwise.

Faces 23

Faces 23

A quicky, should actually be Faces 22 B. I took two of the faces of the previous post, quickly inked them and slapped on some colour. I went for a bit of a water colour “vibe” which I din’t really pull of. Ah well.

Spies got the blues

Movieposter - Spies

Something a bit different, in stead of my usual bright colours as a starting point I’m using mainly blues on this one. Must be a night shoot. Liking it so far, but I have no idea how it will turn out when it is completely done (obviously). That’s part of the plan though: getting some practice in this before starting on the big Panacea story.

Slow month

Igtor and Garum

This was really not the month for drawing. Way too busy with other stuff. But at least an update on the previous post to finish the month of. Good thing that these guys are minor characters because thos weapons and all the other details are a total bitch to draw!

Cleaning up

Minions of Cain

The portfolio section of this blog is kinda rubish, so I’m taking a bit of time to clean up some of the stuff that I posted here and get it in my portfolio. The first item is The Minions of Cain. There was always something that bothered me about that image. I’ve updated the faces, changed her pants to a skirt, redid here hair and redid a large part of the colouring. Way better I think.

Something different

Sphereworks promotion 4

I really needed to do something different from the “A great Find” story. I’ve finished page 3, and also placed the flat colours version of page 4 in the portfolio section. So really all I would have to do, is finish up the colours of the final page. But I don’t have any fun in it anymore. This has been dragging on for quite a bit with the pages not really getting any better. I will let this rest for a long time or maybe completely leave it for what it is. I’ve learned a number of important lessons from it so perhaps better to put those into practice with a new project. And actually to get those lessons was the whole point of this story:

  • Do more thumbnails prior to start work on the pages to get the best layout of frames and actions
  • Plan out the scene by creating a map of all objects and characters and how they move through this map: this will keep the lightsource and backgrounds more consistent
  • Do more colour tests before hand. The pages are now big blobs of brownish grey, not very appealing
  • Don’t let a project like this drag on for so long. You loose focus and the end result will be not as good as it could be
  • Practice more action scenes

Anyway, the something different I mentioned: quick drawing I did. Turned out pretty nice so far I think.