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Normal Vs Together Alone

Normal - Emma

This post was created in 2012 after a bit of a hiatus. This picture was created in Januari 2012

Part of my “normal” project. In the end this character ended up in the Together Alone game as one of the main characters. And this started out in this post of course.


Normal - James

The final version of the drawing I posted 2 posts down. Still not back on my regular schedule. I’m such a slacker.

Happy new year

Normal - James

All the best wishes for the new year and such!

After a quiet period at the end of the year I will try to get back to the regular scheduled program again. Above the first drawing of the year. From the “other” project again. It’s sort of remainder from the end of last year. After this I will return to Panacea again. I’m already working on the main set (a village) in Google Sketchup.

Something else in colour

Normal - Emma

A bit of a weird crop for the thumbnail perhaps, but I thought the details in this part of the drawing looked best. All in all, I think this one turned out pretty well although I’m not quite sure if it fits the character I had in mind. For now I’ll leave it alone and get back to Panacea.

Something else again

Normal - Emma

Colours! As soon as I’m done with this one, I’ll return to the Sphereworks pages. Not that much to say on this otherwise.

Something else

Normal - Emma

This is something I won’t really work on all that much, but for years and years I’ve been thinking about writing a story. And although I spend (or try to spend) most of my drawing time on Panacea I thought it nice to draw something from that other story. Not really spectacular I admit, but it does make the whole story idea a bit more tangible to me.