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Even more colourfuller

Panacea - A great find page 1

Right, so we’re getting somewhere. It’s starting to look like a finished image and it’s going quite nicely. I still did some tree transplanting: made the ones on the forground a bit bigger and added a couple at the back.

My computer is really been put to good use with this. The file isn’t even that big (66 MB), but with 26 layers and a bunch of layer masks, saving and opening the file is going slowly.

A great find – page 1 (3)

Panacea - A great find page 1

Well actually, this is step 6 as you can see by the name of the image, but it’s only the third image I post here… that is, without counting the teaser. I know, my file naming confuses me as well. Anyway, it’s been a while since my last post but here is an update again. I’m working hard on page 2, but I’m not as far with that as hoped, so for now some progress on page 1.

Update February 21 – 2010
I did some renumbering when (re)creating this blog, so this was the sixth iteration of this page originally, but that isnt visible in the naming anymore. At least now my naming convention is clear again.

A great find – page 1 (2)

Panacea - A great find page 1

Well, I’ve certainly added a lot of lines since the previous post. There isn’t that much changed however. I did get some great feedback and had already started redoing frames 3, 4 and 5, but I didn’t get that quite right without redoing about 1/3 of the page. For now I thought it more important to keep the pace rather than getting it completely right. So just some small changes:

  • Redid the character in frame 1
  • Restructered the background on frame 2 a bit
  • Shifted the boot in frame 4
  • Switched the grip of the hand in frame 5

I’m going to finish the remaining characters and after that leave this page alone for a bit. I’ll start on page 2 and have a fresh look at this page before inking.

A great find – page 1

Panacea - A great find page 1

The first draft of page 1 of the “A great find” story. So far it’s going pretty well. I’m not that happy with frame 3 and 4. The character is supposed to slip on a stone in the river, but I don’t think it’s that clear yet so I will have to work on that.

Trash canned

Sphereworks promotion 3

I’m calling this one finished… although I should have another look at those shadows (completely cheated with the shadow on the trashcan and it shows). The right hand and foot (her right) look odd, should fix that as well. That foot should be a lot wider at the toes. And the Sphere Works logo might work better if I made it look like it was painted on the pavement…. maybe someday… very far in the future… maybe. For now it’s definitely finished.

Apologies for the big download: the image is about 1.5 MB (the PSD is 106 MB).

Trash can!

Sphereworks promotion 3

A bit more work done on this one. I’ve changed the face quite a bit compared to the previous version. I still have to do some colour correcting: it seems very yellow to me.

Comic 001 – final

Comic 001

Still not convinced it’s much of an improvement, but decided to finish it anyway. The colouring is ok-ish.

Updated 20 February 2010
Looking back on it: the colouring is fine, the drawing just isn’t. At least it’s not really that much better than the original. I could have done more with the background for one thing.