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Arrrrr, shiver me timbers!

Space pirates

In my quest to update my portfolio section another image I have updated/finished. This started out as “Space Pirates”, but really, the whole space angle was from the beginning a bit lost. I’ve finished it in a more traditional Pirate theme.

The palmtree in the background is from one of the first posts on this blog. I initially just placed it in to see how it would look. But it fit so well I just kept it as is.


Quick sketch with HB pencil on paper, scanned, edited and coloured in Photoshop CS.

There is totally no idea behind this one. The complete scene (including the 24 on the skirt for instance) popped in my head on the way home from work. I am working on the background, but I actually already quite like it the way it is right now.

Update March 1 – 2008
Updated the drawing with the background.