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So what happened

After the last post I did in 2011 (27th of September) it got very quiet on this site. Not that I stopped drawing, but I didn’t bother with updating here. Also, in December I got together with Jan to work on a different project: a small computer game for the Ludum Dare competition. In this competition it’s the goal to complete a game from start to finish within 72 hours (as a team) or 48 hours (as an individual).

After we worked on that and got second place (!), we decided to really finish the game and polish the hell out of it. This is something we have been working on ever since. We also entered it in a different competition for Pokki (top 10 finish). Our little game “Together Alone” in an older version is still there to download for your pleasure. But, we are way beyond that version by now and the new and improved beta can be found at our new site: Qwok Games.

Other stuff. Well, Panacea is probably dead. Kinda ironic with that title. That project was way too ambitious for our own good. Lots of lessons learned however and some of the work is certainly still salvageable for my own pet project (which is probably also too ambitious, but you need a hobby!). I’ll start posting some of the stuff I did last year in the coming week(s). I’ll probably back date that stuff to approximately when I was actually working on it.

Panacea Page 1 and 2 (final)

Panacea - Page 1&2
Panacea - Page 1&2
Panacea - Page 1&2
Panacea - Page 1&2
Panacea - Page 1&2

This post was created in 2012 after a bit of a hiatus. These pages were created around October 2011

Page 1 & 2 of the Panacea comic. Happy with the colouring and the individual drawings, but overall the action is not very good. The sequence of frames could be a lot stronger. Ont he plus side: I really like the way the flames turned out.

Panacea – Page 1 final

Panacea - Page 1

Of course I didn’t stick to my plan and did do the inks of page 1 and 2 first before really starting to work on page 3 and 4. Although I have done quite a bit of work on those pages already as well. After finishing the inks I couldn’t leave it at that either and started on the colours as well. Page 2 is nowhere near finished but page one was smooth sailing.

At some point I need to figure out a way to place the title and our names in there.

Panacea – Page 1 and 2

Panacea - Page 1 & 2

Finally, the first 2 pages of the Panacea story. Before I start with inking I’ll let it rest for a bit. See if I can see (m)any flaws if I look at after a while (I’m sure I will). Actually there are already a couple of things I will change.

First, let’s continue with page 3 and 4.

Sila’s day off

Panacea - Sila's day off

What I’ve always hated about most comics is that everybody always dresses and looks the same. I know, it helps in recognizing the characters by giving a consistent look/silhouette. But still. And therefore: here’s what Sila would look like on a day off.

A great find – wrap up

The final versions of the “A great find” short story. Some remarks below.

Panacea - A great find page 1
Panacea - A great find page 2
Panacea - A great find page 3
Panacea - A great find page 4

  • I got rid of the texture layers, in the end I think this looks better.
  • A lot of page 2 and 3 is pretty redundant, I could have told the same thing probably in one page, certainly within one and a half.
  • Why the hell didn’t I draw the bag in image 2 page 3?
  • Ditto for image 1 page 4. He (Maqiloh)even refers to it in what he says.
  • That text is horrible!
  • I like the look of page 4 overall
  • Changed some small things on page 3, mostly added some green, it was very bleak
  • Twice within the span of just two pages basically the same close up of a hand reaching for the bag. Tsssss
  • Overall I like page 1 still best, but those trees in image one are really too small.

A great find – page 4 (5)

Panacea - A great find page 4

I decided to finally finish the last page of “a great find” first before continuing with the “real” pages. This one has has been sitting on my harddrive for ages now without any progress. The last week I’ve spend a great number of hours to get it finished. To completely there yet, but with one extra session I should be able to finish it.