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Knives and Axes

Knives and Axes

No, that’s not the name of a heavy metal band. Although it could be I suppose. These are some weapon designs for the panacea project. The knife on the right and the axe are part of this guy. As you can see I have updated the axe design a bit. The knife on the left is from the girl in this image.

Revisiting a character design – Part 2

Character Design - Oran

A final version of this post and this post.

Update February 18 – 2010
The character is called Oran. He is part of the Panacea story as a secondary (but still important) character.

Character designs

Three quick sketches of the main characters of a comic I’m working on. Completely done in Photoshop.

Update February 16 – 2010
At the time that I did this image, I hardly ever did anything with my Wacom tablet. I found it very hard to get used to it even though I had the thing for over a year at that point. This was the first drawing I completely did from start to finish in Photoshop using the Wacom.

I’m still happy with this one. I can see enough mistakes, but it still holds up nicely to newer stuff. Which makes me wonder: is that a good or bad thing?

Pride & Prejudice – Part 2

The “finished pencils” of the P&P drawing. I might still tweak it a bit and perhaps flip it back to the orginal version.


I wanted to get a bit of perspective practice with this drawing. Still inking as you can see.

Update February 19 – 2010
A good example or rushing a drawing. That hand holding a glass (I think) is not very good. And not very logical in the whole scene. But I didn’t take the time to come up with a better posture. Since I really only work digital nowadays, it’s a lot easier to try out different things or make adjustments later on.

More faces

My computer troubles are over, so finally back with a new post. Let’s get going again with a few character sketches.

Scanner trouble

Like the title already says: trouble in computer land. Both my scanner and Wacom stopped working. But thats seems to have more to do with my PC itself (motherboard?) than with either scanner or tablet.

To keep to my at-least-one-update-per-week schedule, I’ve added an older drawing. This is still the original cleaned up pencil scan, no digital inking.