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It’s spring time

Spring time

Is he going for three out of three? Absolutely!

The weather has been ridiculous the last weeks. It’s like it’s summer already when we are only in april. Anyway, that was the inspiration to do this drawing.

A change of seasons

A change of Seasons

Here is the combined version of the seasons series. I did some tweaks on the individual drawings before putting them together:

  • Added a bit of colour to spring
  • extended autumn a bit and added some colour
  • extended winter and tweaked the face and hair a bit

Updated 21 February 2010
For the record: A Change of Seasons is a a 23 minutes and 9 seconds long song by the band Dream Theater. One of my favourite songs actually. Check it out if you like long, complex (progressive)metal!



After having done all the other seasons, I of course had to do the last season as well: autumn! I might combine all the seasons together into one image. For that I perhaps would have to update the winter drawing. It’s the smallest of the four with only the face showing.

Updated 21 February 2010
For the combined picture, which is a few posts up, I did some adjustments on this image. It was mainly getting the jacket coloured properly. That version is below:




…if only! We’ve got a couple of months to go before it’s spring again. At least the drawing is here. Most likely my last post of the year. Although, I have a couple things in the pipeline so maybe I can get something finished in between stuffing food in my mouth!



As the title says, it’s been quite busy with various things. Not in the least with Fallout 3. That game really takes a lot of my free time! To get my quota of posts this year I’ve whipped up the above drawing. It’s the start of the spring drawing in the seasons series.



Winter would have fitted better with today’s weather. It has been snowing all day, but I did that one already obviously. So summer it is!

Update February 21 – 2010
This is another drawing that I still like very much. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s great when it does!

Winter or “Faces 9”

Faces 9

Right, this was a quickie. About 2 and a half hours in total (including time spend surfing the web). The hair could be better, but all in all I’m pretty happy with it.