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Faces 26

Faces 26

Right. Very inactive the last few months. At least here is something new. The Panacea pages are still in progress but I don’t want to post them before I really have something “finished”.

Panacea – Page 1 and 2

Panacea - Page 1 & 2

Finally, the first 2 pages of the Panacea story. Before I start with inking I’ll let it rest for a bit. See if I can see (m)any flaws if I look at after a while (I’m sure I will). Actually there are already a couple of things I will change.

First, let’s continue with page 3 and 4.

Panacea page 1 (for real)

Panacea - Story 1 page 1

Finally a new post after a long silence on this blog and I wish I could say that I had a lot to show for it. But unfortunately not. I’ve got some work done on the first page as can be seen above though. I’ve been very busy at work leaving little time for personal projects. After that I spend some time doing, wll, basically nothing.

I spend the last few days to get back in to a bit of a “drawing flow” but wasn’t totally succesful. But at least I hope to get back to regular updates again from now on and get this show back on the road!

As for the page: meh. Not too bad, but I’m also not very excited about it. I might have to go “Manga” on it and add a lot of action lines to the main panel. Also, the third panel looks weird and I might not have left enough room for the last two panels.

Panacea page 1

Panacea - Page 1

A sneak preview of the first page of Panacea to show that I am really working on it. I have the first two pages in draft and the first scene lined out in frames and thumbnails.

Faces 24

Faces 24

Almost 2 and half months since the last “faces” post. First one this year and with that I’m hoping to get back to my weekly schedule. Although I might have something new a bit sooner than that even. The faces are more or less warming up, but also a good way to come up with new characters for Panacea. I steel need quite a large number of secondary characters to fill in and of course there will also be people in the background during many scenes. So I’m sure that all these faces will be re-used in some form or another in the future


Panacea - Tanaris

As promised some 3D work. The last few weeks I had little time to work on this. And since this is the first time I have been doing any 3D work, some things are getting a bit used to. I like Google Sketchup. As I have come to expect from their programs, it works like a charm and is pretty easy to use. Any next model will probably go a lot smoother from the start now that I have got a bit of experience with it.

The village I’m working on is the main setting of the Panacea story (in the beginning of the story anyway). I will use this model to set up camera angles and draw on top of it using photoshop. There are still a lot of details to put in, but it gives me already a good idea of what it will look like in the end.

Happy new year

Normal - James

All the best wishes for the new year and such!

After a quiet period at the end of the year I will try to get back to the regular scheduled program again. Above the first drawing of the year. From the “other” project again. It’s sort of remainder from the end of last year. After this I will return to Panacea again. I’m already working on the main set (a village) in Google Sketchup.