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Arrrrr, shiver me timbers!

Space pirates

In my quest to update my portfolio section another image I have updated/finished. This started out as “Space Pirates”, but really, the whole space angle was from the beginning a bit lost. I’ve finished it in a more traditional Pirate theme.

The palmtree in the background is from one of the first posts on this blog. I initially just placed it in to see how it would look. But it fit so well I just kept it as is.

Space Pirates – Part 4

Movieposter: Space Pirates

Finished! At least the characters are. I’m quite happy with the colouring on this one. Colouring went pretty smoothly, from beginning to end done in some 6 to 8 hours. At some point I’ll finish it with the background and all the movie poster details.

Post 100 – Space Pirates 3

Movieposter: Space Pirates

I’ve made it to 100 posts! Excellent! So far I’ve kept my personal promise to update at least once every week (on average).

The 100th is an update on the space pirates drawing. Finished the inks and started on the colours.

Space Pirates – Part 2

Movieposter: Space Pirates

The sequel to the immensly popular “Space Pirates”. Now with with even more pirates, space and explosions! Part 3 is already in the making and expected to be releases very soon.

Space Pirates

Movieposter: Space Pirates

What started out as number 15 in the “faces” series quickly turned into something else while watching “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest“. Pirates in space! maybe I can still add some ninjas….