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GWTP website


While working on the pages for Panacea I’ve also been working on a new website design for GWTP. In some form that site will also be home to the Panacea comic. I’m not completely sure yet how those will fit together but I’m getting there.

There are still a whole number of details to fill in as well as all the other pages, but I like the way this is going. It’s not going very fast, I only work on this a few minutes at a time while at work. Hopefully more soon though.

Fun with textures

I’m totally taking some days of from doing anything useful: be it my own stuff or work. I foresee quite some reading and TV watching in the coming days. Or whatever I feel like. In that respect I thought it might be fun to create a desktop background using mainly some textures and a bit of text:

Desktop - fun with textures

I guess I’m in my green phase.