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GWTP website


While working on the pages for Panacea I’ve also been working on a new website design for GWTP. In some form that site will also be home to the Panacea comic. I’m not completely sure yet how those will fit together but I’m getting there.

There are still a whole number of details to fill in as well as all the other pages, but I like the way this is going. It’s not going very fast, I only work on this a few minutes at a time while at work. Hopefully more soon though.



What started as a small project to get my blog integrated with my portfolio, took something like two months. But with one giant push this sunday to get all content transfered, it’s done. Or at least: for now. I tend to keep on tinkering with the stuff I create when I don’t have a deadline, so I’m sure that will happen here as well.

I haven’t tested it thoroughly, so there might be some stuff going wrong. If so, let me know. Or any other feedback for that matter.

New blog

The last post of the year and most likely on this blog in total. For a while now I’ve wanted to update my portfolio and at the same time integrate this blog with that portfolio site. So over the last few weeks I have been working on just that, a few minutes at a time.

As CMS I’m going to use wordpress and right now I’m tweaking the template. I’m not sure if I will keep this blog or if I’ll copy all this content to the new blog/portfolio. For now the new blog is still very empty but at least there is something there:

Hapy new year!



Some work related stuff for a change. These are two blogs I’ve been working on (designing). The first one ( has been running for close to a year now. After a lot of tweaking from the getgo this layout has been active for a couple months.

The second one has just been launched and is an internal communication blog.

Both are created in wordpress with the second one based on the P2 theme. Many thanks for the technical side of things to my esteemed colleague.

Panacea website

Panacea website

For the Panacea website I’ve been working on a website design. The above is a mockup of the background of the site. Quite happy with it so far, but I haven’t got any solid ideas yet on how to fill in the rest of the design. I’m waiting for a flash of inspiration.

Update February 21 – 2010
Never got back to this and I don’t think I will. There will be a website at some point, but I doubt it will use this look and feel.


That whole blogging thing seems to be quite popular nowadays… I actually thought that everybody hip and cool was already on board that bandwagon and I was just incredibly late. However I’ve been finding a bunch of great artists blogs that all seem to have started in the last year or so. And therefore a list of my findings:

And some “oldies”:

Crazy Christmas

Crazy Christmas

Designs for the Exact Christmas party of last year: on the left the layout for the news messages on the employee portal, on the right the poster design. Created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.