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Coloured window

Random images - Window (coloured)

Again a follow up on an older post. The coloured version of this post. I tried something different with the colouring this time. Going for a bit of an old photograph look. This one was great fun to do.

The original drawing was done on paper with pencil. Colouring, inking and tweaking all done in Photoshop

Update February 18 – 2010
This is still a nice one. Although I probably could have added a bit more content to the room behind the character, even if just some lines to indicate the floor.


I wanted to get a bit of perspective practice with this drawing. Still inking as you can see.

Update February 19 – 2010
A good example or rushing a drawing. That hand holding a glass (I think) is not very good. And not very logical in the whole scene. But I didn’t take the time to come up with a better posture. Since I really only work digital nowadays, it’s a lot easier to try out different things or make adjustments later on.